ifft 2017

24° Studio new product exhibiton at IFFT interiorlifestyle Tokyo 2017

24° Studio will introduce and exhibit new products at IFFT interiorlifestyle Tokyo from June 14-16, 2017.

24° Studioが2017年6月14-16日にIFFT interiorlifestyle Tokyoで出展します。新商品を紹介します。

IFFT interiorlifestyle Tokyo 2017
VL 2017

24° Studio Exhibiting in Milan at Ventura Lambrate 2017

24° Studio will be exhibiting at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2017.

24° Studioが2017年度ミラノサローネ-Ventura Lambrateで出展します。

Ventura Projects 2017
IFFS Singapore

24° Studio exhibiting at IFFS Singapore 2017

24° Studio will be introducing new products at IFFS 2017 in Singapore.

24° Studioがシンガポール国際家具展示会IFFS/AFSでプロダクトを出展します。

IFFS Singapore 2017
DFA Awards

24° Studio awarded with Silver Prize for Airy Lamp

24° Studio has received Silver Award for DFA Design for Asia Awards for Airy lamp.

24° StudioのAiryランプが香港のDFA Design for Asia Awards銀賞を受賞しました。

DFA Awards
Toyama Competition

24° Studio exhibit at Toyama Design Wave 2016

24° Studio will be exhibiting a new product at Toyama Design Wave 2016 Exhibition

24° Studioが富山デザインウェーブ2016デザイン展でプロダクトを展示します。

Toyama Design Wave
Toyama Competition

24° Studio Finalist for Toyama Design Competition

24° Studio has been selected as Finalist for Toyama Design Competition 2016

24° Studioが富山デザインコンペティション2016で1次審査通過しました。

Toyama Design Wave

Airy (M) at ONODA in Zurich

Airy Pendant (M) will be sold at Atelier Store ONODA in Zurich, Switzerland. For all inquiries on Airy products in Switzerland please contact ONODA.

スイス・チューリッヒのショップアトリエONODAでAiry Pendant (M)が独占販売されます。スイスでAiryをお求めの方はONODAへお問い合わせください。


Storm Tray on DomusWeb

Storm Tray by 24° Studio was featured on Italian Website Domus. The product was introduced at IFFT interiorlifesty living exhibit last year and can also be bought at 24° StudioStore.

イタリアのDomusでStorm Trayが紹介されました。去年の東京展示で発表されたStorm Trayは24° StudioStoreでもお買い求めになれます。。

Domus Web
24° StudioStore

New store websites launched

We have launched a new design for 24° StudioStore, both in English and Japanese. All our product design can be purchased directly.

24° StudioStoreのウェブサイトが新たに更新されました。去年の東京展示で発表したプロダクト作品がお求めになれます。

24° StudioStore
IFFT interiorlifestyle living

24° Studio at IFFT interiorlifestyle living

24° Studio will introduce and exhibit new products at Tokyo Big Sight from November 25-27. We are located at booth #N-26

24° Studioが11月25-27日に東京ビッグサイトで出展します。今まで制作してきた作品を紹介します。ブース番号 #N-26までお越しください。

IFFT interiorlifestyle living
Makers Bazaar

24° Studio at Makers Bazaar

24° Studio will be exhibiting at Makers Bazaar Osaka Vol.2. For more info please visit the website link below

24° Studioがメイカーズバザール大阪Vol.2に出展します。詳細は下記のウェブリンクで。

Makers Bazaar Osaka Vol.2
Airy RI20

Limited edition Airy RI20 for sale

Limited edition Airy RI20 Lamp is available for purchase at 1ofa100 webstore.

Airy RI20が1ofa100ウェブストアでヨーロッパ限定販売します。

One Architecture Week

24° Studio in ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2014

24° Studio will be exhibiting at the seventh edition of ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

24° Studioがブルガリア・プロブディブの第7回ONE ARCHITECTRURE WEEKに出展します。

TDW 2014

Exhibition at Tokyo Design Week 2014

24° Studio will be exhibiting at Tokyo Design Week 2014.

24° Studioが東京デザインウィーク2014に出展します。

Ventura Lambrate

24° Studio at Milano Salone

24° Studio will be exhibiting the Airy Lamp Series at Milan Design Week 2014.

24° Studioが2014年ミラノ・サローネに出展します。

Salone Del Mobile 2014
Rokumeisaryu Irifune

Airy Lamp on Restaruant space in Kobe

"Airy" is displayed at restaurant Rokumei Saryu Irifune in Kobe, Japan.

"Airy"が神戸・元町のレストラン 鹿鳴茶流 入舩 でご覧になれます。

鹿鳴茶流 入舩

Airy Lamp Won the SHADE Lighting Competition

"Airy" was selected as a Winner and Special Jury Award for SHADE International Lighting Design Competition. The lamp will be exhibited at MAKE / COFFEE + STUFF Gallery at Winnipeg, Canada.

24° StudioがカナダのSHADE国際デザインコンペに入賞と審査員特別賞を受賞しました。来月にはカナダ・ウィニペグのMAKE/COFFEE + STUFF ギャラリーで展示されます。

SHADE Competition
Incheon x Kobe

Monument for Incheon City from Kobe

24° Studio was commissioned by the City of Kobe to design and fabricate a monument for City of Incheon in South Korea. Kobe and Incheon has been a sister cities and the monument will be a symbol for their relationship. The monument will be unveiled at August 31 at the Sculpture Garden of Incheon Grand Park

24° Studioが神戸市の依頼により韓国仁川市にお送りするモニュメントのデザインと製作に関わりました。神戸市と仁川市は姉妹都市であり、このモニュメントはその交友関係を象徴する空間的なモニュメントとして提案しています。8月31日には仁川大公園の彫刻庭園で除幕式が行われます。

Incheon Metropolitan City City of Kobe

Airy Lamp on sale at Wazakura

24° Studio lighting product "Airy" is on sale at Wazakura in Kobe, Japan

24° Studioの照明ランププロダクト"Airy"が神戸のWazakuraで展示販売を始めました。

gallery Kitanozaka

Exhibition at Gallery Kitanozaka

24° Studio will be designing an installation project at Gallery Kitanozaka in Kobe, Japan. A lighting product "Airy" will also be introduced together with participating artists.

24° Studioがギャラリー北野坂でインスタレーションプロジェクトを発表します。同時に参加アーティストと共に照明ランププロダクト"Airy"を発表します。

Gallery Kitanozaka
A' Design Award

24° Studio awarded Golden A' Design Award

24° Studio won the Golden A' Design Award at Italy's A' Design Award and Competition 2012-2013.

24° Studioがイタリアの2012-2013年度 A' Design Award and Competitionで金賞を受賞しました。

A' Design Award & Competition
DFA Award

24° Studio awarded DFA Merit Award

24° Studio has received DFA Merit Award at Design for Asia Award 2012 organized by Hong Kong Design Centre.

24° Studioが香港デザインセンター主催のアジアデザイン賞2012でDFAメリット賞を受賞しました。

Design for Asia Award
Dowse Art Museum

Crater Lake at Dowse Art Museum

Crater Lake is part of "Play: International Design for Children" exhibition at Dowse Art Museum in New Zealand.

Crater Lakeがニュージーランドのダウス美術館のPlay: International Design for Children に出展されます。

The Dowse Art Museum

Daphne at Santorini Biennale

Daphne is now open to public at Santorini Biennale of Arts in Santorini, Greece. The installation will be exhibited from 8/1 - 9/30.


Santorini Biennale of Arts

24° Studio to participate at Santorini Biennale

24° Studio will be participating in Santorini Biennale at Greece.

24° Studioがサントリーニビエンナーレに特別招待されました。

Santorini Biennale of Arts

"Making things in Japan means to have a partnership with nature."

Issey Miyake